- Our purpose with garden maintenance has to do with the improvment of green areas, private or public.

A successful maintenance demands a combination of strong knowledge and a perfect execution.

No metter how your garden is, our purpose is to get to the best result, witha unique look and full satisfaction from our clients.




Gardens Construction

- Interior or exterior gardens, public or private, demand a perfect project from us, to optain the best quality and best satisfaction from our clients.

The requested areas can be prepared with different types of material, in accordance with our clients request. No matter what the dimensions are, we have the solution for you.

All plants are carefully selected as the climate type and our client's requests for each area.

All the mentioned above is highly important for us to reach the best results required for your garden.




Watering Systems

- Watering systems are chosen and planned as to obtain the best performance with the necessary water for a good result without having unncessary wastes of water.

All our watering systems are planned and installed with high quality, and can be manual or authomatic systems, this way we can guarantee the best quality/price in accordance with your request